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MAFIA: Toon Edition

Discussion in 'Plotted Roleplays' started by JazzMan, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. JazzMan

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    Jun 3, 2014
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    One of my favorite games in real life is Mafia. However, I don't enjoy playing it as much as I enjoy narrating it. So I thought, why not try to narrate a Toontown version of this game on the forums. If you aren't familiar with Mafia, you can read about it here, or you can read my description of the game below.

    We will need 10 people to play the game. Each person will have one of four roles:
    • COG - an evil robot disguised as a toon; his goal is to kill all toons without giving away his disguise
    • CIVILIAN TOON - a standard, run-of-the-mill toon trying to sniff out the cogs in the group
    • DETECTIVE LIMA - a special toon with exceptional investigative skills; every night, he can choose one citizen to investigate (more on this later)
    • DR. FRET - a special toon with medical expertise; every night, he chooses one citizen to save (more on this later)
    There will be 2 Cogs, 6 Civillian Toons, 1 Detective Lima, and 1 Dr. Fret. If you are a Civillian, Detective, or Doctor, your goal is to sniff out the Cogs and get rid of them. If you are a Cog, your goal is to get rid of all the toons.

    There will be 2 phases in this game: DAY and NIGHT. In the Day phase, all the citizens will discuss and choose ONE person to exile from the town. This is the toons' chance to get rid of the cogs. In the Night phase, the cogs will choose ONE toon to kill, and the Detective/Doctor will use their special abilities. Here are the specifics of how everything will work:

    1. At around 7 AM PST, I will make a post that starts the Day phase. In the post, I will tell you the citizen that was killed in the night, and then list the remaining survivors. (NOTE: If you are killed, you will NOT be allowed to post here or discuss the game with anyone via private message)
    2. You will have 24 hours to discuss on this thread. You may accuse someone, defend yourself, or simply give input on the discussion. This is your chance to influence the other citizens' votes.
    3. You may also private message other citizens to discuss your suspicions.
    4. Before the 24 hours are over, you must private message me a vote for someone to be exiled. You may change your vote at any time, but it will be cemented at the 24 hour mark.
    5. A person will need a majority of votes to be successfully exiled.
    6. Once we reach 24 hours, the Day phase will end and the Night phase will begin.
    1. At approximately 7 AM PST I will make a post starting the Night phase. In the post, I will tell you the person that was exiled in the day, and then list the remaining survivors. (NOTE: If you are exiled, you will NOT be allowed to post here or discuss the game with anyone via private message)
    2. The Cogs will discuss and choose ONE person to kill during the night. They may kill themselves to deceive the toons. The Cogs will inform me of their decision via private message.
    3. Detective Lima will choose ONE citizen to investigate and message me his/her name. In turn, I will tell the Detective whether the citizen is a Cog or not.
    4. Dr. Fret will choose ONE citizen to save from the Cogs, and message me his/her name. The Doctor is allowed to save him/herself.
    5. After 24 hours have passed, the Night phase will end and the Day phase will begin.
    For the toons to win, they must successfully exile all the Cogs.
    For the Cogs to win, they must survive until they are the last citizen(s) standing.

    Does this seem interesting to you? If so, you can join by sending me a private message! (That's a nice way of saying "DON'T POST ON THIS THREAD") I will make a list of registered citizens here, and then once we reach 10 citizens, we'll start!

    • If you are a Toon, be aware that the Cogs will try to deceive you. It may not be wise to trust everyone, even if they act like a good guy or claim to be Detective Lima.
    • I will not be revealing the identities of the people who were killed/exiled. So, at any time, you won't know whether Detective, Doctor, or Cogs are still in the game or not.
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