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Master Loopy Prime

Discussion in 'Plotted Roleplays' started by LoopyDawg59, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. LoopyDawg59

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    Dec 14, 2013
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    Hey everyone! Master Loopy here with an interesting roleplay. I am working to revive the Primes so that we can stop the Cogs from destroying Toontown. It is said that Nexus Fragments have been discovered in Toontown, and their secret powers could be used for evil. The Primes must acquire the Nexus Fragments before the Cogs do, and if that means destroying Cogs to do it, then that we shall do!

    The rates for acquiring Nexus Fragments can be found here.

    So what are these Nexus Fragments for, you ask? Well, in addition to protecting Toontown from destruction, they can protect you from a complete knock-out! (Trust me, those Cogs have gotten worse!) Every time you go sad, you lose 20 Nexus Fragments. If you have less than 20 Fragments remaining, they will take the rest of those. If you have 0 Fragments next time you go sad, then you will return to the Playground in a Stasis. Toons in Stasis cannot revive themselves, so someone must tag them with 10 Fragments to revive them. Toons awakening from Stasis will be able to collect 1 Fragment from that 10, but all the rest will disintegrate.

    Does it sound like a good roleplay? You may join if the following conditions can be met:
    1. You may use any Toon that you have, or make a new one. The choice is up to you! :)
    2. You must keep track of your Nexus Fragment count. For in-game, put the number you have in a thought bubble, and you should also write it down.
    3. If you are in Stasis, you must let others in the roleplay know by making a thought bubble that says 'Stasis'. (No quotation marks!)

    Hope to see you soon! Let's save those Nexus Fragments!
    -Master Loopy Bananamuffin

    (P.S: If you want to know what a Nexus Fragment looks like: picture a purple crystal shard. Boom.)

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