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Melissa Edgeworth and Miles Edgeworth - An Awkward Encounter

Discussion in 'Casual Roleplays' started by Taffy Pinkbunny, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Oct 28, 2013
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    "Ah.. new visitors.. um.. hello there. What do you need?"

    "Hello, Little Miss. Thank you for the greeting."

    "Y-your welcome sir! U-um.. one thing. You kinda look like me. It's.. weird. Are you dressing up for Halloween or something, sir?"

    "No. I think it's the wrong time of year for that anyway? My name is Miles Edgeworth. And you are?"

    "M-my name is Melissa Edgewor- W-wait! Miles Edgeworth? Um.. I don't really know who you are.. but um.. are you my brother or something?

    "I'm an only child. Though I do have a theory. Tell me, Miss Edgeworth, is your father's name Gregory?"

    "Hmm… Of course my father is Gregory Edgeworth. Who else could my father be?…"

    "It's as I thought. My father is also Gregory Edgeworth. I appear to be an older, male version of yourself, Miss Edgeworth."

    "Oh.. um.. wait a GUY?! That's REALLY REALLY weird…."

    [She starts backing away from the man, with a nervous look on her face.]

    "U-um are you joking around sir?"

    "I suppose I wouldn't believe me, either. I'm not really sure what I can do to prove it to you, though. I'm not sure what else is different between us beside our sex, but I know that I wanted to be a defense attorney more than anything … And that I was best friends with a Butz and a Wright."

    As Melissa listens to him say these things, it makes her more and more curious of her male counterpart self, instead of being nervous; which brung her to ask him a question.

    "Um.. sir? I-i.. Can I sing you a song? My music teacher taught it to me… I just wanted to sing it to someone, but I was REALLY embarrassed.. so um.. could you listen?"

    "Certainly. If it would help you get over your stage fright I would be glad to help in any way that I can."

    "O-ok.. Here it goes."

    She took a deep breath, and began to hum.

    "Ahhhh…. ahhhhhh…. ahhhhh…..

    The inner fortune of people is
    like colorful light which shines through colored glass
    the pleasant everyday life is
    like a warm candlelight

    The very vast green plains
    the rich beautiful water
    the grand nature still provides for its children

    Hopefully we will be able to understand it someday
    We are walking to the other side of the horizon
    Hopefully we will be able to understand it someday
    We are walking firmly

    Every living being dies someday
    Whether we are ready to die or not
    That day will surely come

    Is that the angel who flew down from the twilight sky?
    Is that the devil who crawled out of the crevice?









    We will fight against our fate
    We must not give in to our fate.

    With sorrow and confidence in our hearts
    we show the will to move on
    No one shall be willfully deprived of their life.."

    When she finished, she looked at the man and said,

    "S-so what do you think? Is it bad?.."

    He listened to her sing, closing his eyes and allowing the sound to wash over him. It was a child's voice, but he could tell that it would be very beautiful as it developed further, with a good quality to it.

    When she finished, he opened his eyes to look at her again

    "I think it was wonderful. You managed to sing with some conviction, too, though I can't say that I recognize the song myself."

    She blushed deeply, reducing her to being unable to speak until she recovered and said, "T-t-thank you Mister Edgeworth! U-um.. it's called Vogel Im Käfig. It's originally in German, but my teacher just told us to sing it in English…"

    He hummed and nodded. "I suppose it is difficult to pronounce German, isn't it? I think I had difficulties when I first started speaking it. But the song itself is pretty .. And very sad."

    "Oh thank you, mister!" She flashed him a smile, until her smile faltered slightly when he mentioned that it was sad. "Yeah.. it does.. it.. reminds me of my mom… when she died…"
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    Again, please make your content purpose clear to readers for a better understanding or else your posts may be removed. Thanks. And good story/roleplay or whatever this is. Nice work.

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