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Misha's Guide to the Cashbot CFO

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by Misha, May 18, 2019.


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  1. Misha

    Misha Gag Trainer ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Jan 11, 2018
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    Hey there folks! Today I'd like to start creating guides for the individual activities available in Toontown Rewritten!
    Originally intended to start with the VP, seeing as Operation Crash Cashbot is going on at the time of writing this guide I thought there's no better time to teach players how to tackle the Cashbot Chief Financial Officer.

    Enter Phase 1! After you and your group have boarded the elevator to the Cashbot Vault, you are met face-to-face with the CFO.


    Phase 1 has commenced!
    Upon being revealed as Toon Imposters, your group of (hopefully) 8 toons will be split into teams of 4 accordingly to fight waves of cogs.

    Every wave of Cogs will be an assortment of Cashbots that vary between Levels 1-12, and can spawn as any of the 7 Cashbot cogs that can be found outside of the HQ.
    *During the Crash Cashbot event, Phase 1 cogs will be a maximum of Level 8, however, Money Bags, Loan Sharks and Robber Barons will still spawn occasionally.

    Both teams will fight anywhere from 15-20 cogs per side.


    During a Standard CFO, as a general rule of thumb is to have all tracks at the BARE MINIMUM to Level 5 of each gag, like so:
    However, to be effective toward the 10s, 11s and 12s that you will fight during Phase 1, it is advised to have at least one class of Level 6 Gag, such as Birthday Cake or Storm Cloud, and you will likely have Fog Horn from doing Cashbot Mints by this point already.

    During Crash Cashbot however, gag requirements are generally unnecessary as toons will be bringing laff anywhere from 20 Laff toons and up. During O:CC, it is recommended to have up to the Level 5 Elephant Trunk in Sound, or for soundless toons to have at least a Whole Cream Pie or Fire Hose when you're entering during the event. (Again, not required, but recommended as to be able to assist your team in some capacity!)


    Once your team has pummeled the incoming waves of cogs, the CFO will then retreat to the Cashbot Vault Room.

    During the Vault Phase, the octagonal Vault is divided up into two separate jobs which I will be specifying below:

    This is the layout of the Room from top to bottom. During a full 8 toon CFO, 2 toons will spawn diagonally from each Crane, identified by the Large Magnet icon above.

    Gooning, the easier of the two jobs, and is recommended for beginners who've no knowledge of the CFO in their first attempt. During the second phase of the CFO fight, the CFO will begin to produce Goons from his undercarriage.

    Goons produced by the undercarriage can be stomped on to be disabled via the Ctrl key, or Jump.

    As the CFO takes damage from the Crane users, his undercarriage will begin to produce tougher versions of the goon, and are listed as follows:

    Level 1 Goon (Small, Yellow Hardhat): Disabled on Touch.
    Level 2 Goon (Medium, Yellow Hardhat): Disabled on Touch.
    Level 3 Goon (Large, Yellow Hardhat): Disabled via Stomping.
    Level 4 Goon (Medium, Orange Hardhat): Disabled on Touch.
    Level 5 Goon (Large, Orange Hardhat): Disabled via Stomping.
    Level 6 Goon (Large, Red Hardhat): Disabled via Stomping.

    *During Crash Cashbot, the undercarriage will only produce goons to a maximum of Level 3.

    The Level of Goons scales higher the weaker the CFO gets, and each level of Goon has Increased Damage, Increased Movement Speed, & Decreased Disabled increments.

    As a Gooner, be aware of your surroundings!
    Sometimes players miss their goons on cranes, and what may end up happening is a Goon will end up behind you, regardless of how well you're doing your job.


    Craning, the more difficult of the two jobs involved during the Vault Phase of the CFO. Recommended only once you have a grasp of what you are doing with the Crane mechanics.

    Operating the Cranes inside the Cashbot Vault is distinctly different from any other mechanic in Toontown, and required some finesse to be able to man efficiently.

    Once you've walked up to a crane podium, you will lose control of your Toon, and instead gain access over the pylon in the ceiling above where your toon is located. At the very end of the pylon is a Magnet attached to a cable which can be turned on by holding Ctrl.

    To deal damage to the CFO, Gooners must disable the goons in positions where the cranes are able to reach. Once you've grabbed hold of a goon, hold on tight and bring the crane back to a center position. After you've done this, swing the Goon at the CFO and release at the last moment.


    If your Goon flies true, it is recommended to aim for his noggin, as hitting him in the torso will do anywhere to a maximum of 80% reduced damage. Whatever you do, don't let your Goon go too high or into the Undercarriage or podium, as it will bounce off harmlessly.


    Tip: When attempting to pick up a Goon at the beginning of the vault phase, it is only necessary to maneuver the magnet forward, as swinging it backward will create too much speed and will take a second pass to actually grab hold of a Goon.

    Stun Phase
    Upon hitting the CFO in the head with a Goon that does at least 15 Damage, he will be stunned and will collapse onto his undercarriage. During this phase, Craners need to start using each of the two safes surrounding their crane podium, and lobbing them at high speeds toward the CFO's head.

    Safes at maximum will deal 50 damage on a perfect hit, however it is more likely that you'll do anywhere from 37-45 on most swings when you're starting out.

    **Hitbox still matters! Whether it is swinging too slowly, or hitting the undercarriage, the Safes will just harmlessly bounce off of him or do significantly reduced damage.

    Do NOT throw Safes if the CFO is NOT stunned.

    Doing so will provide an immunity to the CFO when he has a Safe on his head. Goons will simply explode on impact, doing 0 Damage, and the only way to remove his helmet will be to throw another Safe at him.
    *This also applies to his Safe-ty Helmet mechanic, in which if Toons have not done damage to the CFO in a certain timeframe, a safe will drop from the ceiling and has to be manually be removed by a Crane user.

    Upon completing the CFO, you will be rewarded with what is known as a Unite, which is a Speedchat restock command that can be found in the "Unite!" tab after completing your first CFO.

    The rewards can be a Jellybean Unite, a Toon-Up Unite, or a Gag-Up Unite, and are as follows:

    100 Jellybeans
    200 Jellybeans
    350 Jellybeans
    600 Jellybeans

    10 Toon-Up
    20 Toon-Up
    40 Toon-Up
    80 Toon-Up
    *Max Toon-Up

    Gag-Up Heal
    Gag-Up Trap
    Gag-Up Lure
    Gag-Up Sound
    Gag-Up Throw
    Gag-Up Squirt
    Gag-Up Drop
    *Gag-Up All

    *- It is recommended to save these Unites specifically for dire situations, as Max-TU will restore any toon, regardless of Max Laff, to full Laff, and Gag-Up All will restore the gags of all toons in range to the exact setup that they most recently purchased at the Gag Shop.


    The Cashbot CFO is easily my favorite overall boss in Toontown, as his overall mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master, and his rewards are extremely useful in all other circumstances during your time around Toontown as well.

    Thank you for reading my first TTR Guide on the Forums, and if there is anything that needs to be changed or improved upon please let me know.​

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