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OFF TOPIC My Roleplay Planning Page ~ MAY BE VIEWED

Discussion in 'Plotted Roleplays' started by ToontownsTrafficAccident, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Just because you're in here doesn't mean you can run wild. Try not to comment unless we're creating a roleplay together, a collab roleplay.

    |..| = Undone
    __ = Done

    Elemental Arcade Roleplay Thing - |..|
    Sailing to Another Land on Donald's Ship Roleplay idekwat - |..|
    Toon Fairytale Roleplay - |..|

    Elemental Arcade Roleplay Thing
    Sailing to Another Land on Donald's Ship Roleplay
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    The Arcade Game called Life

    ...that's the only one I can think of
  3. PLOT
    The world comes into view as your sight gradually flickers on. Raising your hand to tenderly stroke your throbbing head, you sit upright and weakly examine your surroundings. Your memories are shattered and buzzing away into nothingness. All you remember is information about you, who your friends are and information about them. You're far from being a genius, but using common sense and logic, you manage to piece together the small fragments you've collected from your simple investigation and create the picture that is the situation. It strikes you. You're outside an arcade in a shopping mall, and apart from other toons who have experienced the same thing, it's absolutely isolated, yet not in ruins or anything of the sort. Most likely, it closed down, and somehow you and the rest passed out. Your attention turns to the large arcade before you. It's the only thing in the building which hasn't been shut. You feel the urge to rush in and leap about, however you decide to wait until the whole group is prepared.
    Everyone's ready. You prepare yourself. Your foot rises. Your foot hesitates. Your foot slams down onto the night-blue carpet. That isn't the only thing that slams down. A metal gate zooms to the carpet from above. You watch in despair. It's official now. You're living in the arcade.
    You realise you still have your jellybean jar with you, and decide to play a few games. You go over to a machine with the words 'Blaze Maze' on it, indicating that that is the title of the game. In goes the jellybean, up pops the screen. It seems that the game is about escaping from a burning house in the format of a maze. As you look down to find and press the up arrow to move north, a green button with 'ENTER' on it in white letters grabs your attention. Curiosity overtakes you.
    You sit up and look around. What the? You're surrounded by fire. You raise your hand and a flame ignites in your palm. Just to confirm your suspicions, you focus on the flame, and it grows larger and more intense. No way. This is impossible. You're in the game with the ability to control fire? You pray, you stand, you walk, and you step into the fire. Your eyes snap open. You're in the middle of the fire, but perfectly unharmed. This is a surprising turn of events. You close your eyes again, wanting to meet with the rest, but not knowing how. The crackles and fizzles slowly fade away and dissolve into silence. You look around again and it seems you've teleported to a completely blank area. No, really, it's all white. There's nothing there except for ten green buttons on the floor, each with a different game name on it, you being in front of the button for Blaze Maze. With no hesitation, you dub this place the Crossroads. You don't really know what will happen. All you know is it's gonna be interesting.
    • Every arcade game has one obtainable element. There are five elements and two arcade games for each one.
    • Toons obtain the element of the very first arcade game they enter that day. They can move to different games via reality or the Crossroads, but they will not obtain an element from any other games they enter for that day. For example, if a toon enters Blaze Maze before any other games on one day, they obtain the element of fire and can move to other games, but will have the same element for the rest of the day.
    • Toons are blocked from entering a specific arcade game first if they have already obtained the element it contains in the last two days. For example, if a toon obtains the element of fire and attempts to enter a game containing the element of fire, they cannot enter the game for the remainder of that day and the next day. This means that in three days, a toon will have obtained three elements, one on each day.
    • Toons may move about as long as they want, but whenever they fall asleep at night (this does not mean they cannot stay up all night if they wish), they must sleep near or in their element, in the game they entered first on that day that gave them the element they obtained. For example, if a toon entered Blaze Maze first and obtained the element of fire from there, that night, they must sleep near or in fire in the game Blaze Maze.

    • Do not godmod/powerplay, which is doing the impossible and being extremely powerful.
    • Do not create a Mary Sue/whatever the male name for it is again, Gary Stu, I believe. Mary Sues and Gary Stus are characters who are perfect in at least one way.
    • Do not control any characters apart from your own unless you are sharing with the creator of the character and control them while the creator is offline or you were given a character by the character's creator.
    • Do not roleplay in Script Mode; use Story Mode, which is equivalent to how one would write a book.
    • Do not harass anyone. Harassment in the roleplay is fine unless one is using harassment in the roleplay as a way of actually harassing someone else.
    • Do not enter this roleplay just to talk to a friend.
    • Do not begin roleplaying until I say you have been accepted into the roleplay after posting your form or I announce the beginning of the roleplay.
    • Do not ignore these rules. Two warnings will be handed out to those who do, one for each violation of the rules. Upon the third violation, the one who has been breaking the rules will be asked to leave the roleplay.
    • Do not forget that these rules may be changed. New rules may be added and existing rules may be edited.
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  5. FORM
    Full Toon Name:
    Nickname (general):
    Nickname (friends):
    Age (optional):



    Head Size:
    Head Colour:
    Head Accessory (optional):
    Eye Accessory (optional):
    Body Size:
    Body Colour:
    Back Accessory (optional):
    Legs Size:
    Legs Colour:

    Feet Accessory (optional):
    Full Toon Name: Fastfestival
    Nickname (general): Fast (sometimes mistaken for Festival)
    Nickname (friends): Fast
    Age (optional):
    Gender: Female
    Species: Cat
    Shirt: Red and white checkered
    Shorts/Skirt: Sound outfit shorts
    Head Size: Small head, small muzzle
    Head Colour: Bright Red
    Head Accessory (optional): Blue Checkered Bow
    Eye Accessory (optional):
    Neck Accessory (optional): Blue bandana
    Body Size: Tall
    Body Colour: Red
    Back Accessory (optional):
    Legs Size: Short
    Legs Colour: Bright Red
    Feet Accessory (optional):
    Laff: 104
    Toon-Up: High Dive
    Trap: N/A
    Lure: Presentation
    Sound: Opera Voice
    Throw: Wedding Cake
    Squirt: Geyser
    Drop: Big Weight
    Full Toon Name: Ace
    Nickname (general): Ace
    Nickname (friends): Ace
    Age (optional):
    Gender: Male
    Species: Cat
    Shirt: Blue and grey striped
    Shorts/Skirt: Trap outfit shorts
    Head Size: Small head, small muzzle
    Head Colour: Blue
    Head Accessory (optional):
    Eye Accessory (optional):
    Body Size: Medium
    Body Colour: Blue
    Back Accessory (optional):
    Legs Size: Short
    Legs Colour: Blue
    Feet Accessory (optional):
    Laff: 64
    Toon-Up: Bamboo Cane
    Trap: Marbles
    Lure: $5 Bill
    Sound: Bike Horn
    Throw: Wedding Cake
    Squirt: Storm Cloud
    Fiery Flight - The player is a toon who grows wings made out of fire and goes into the woods alone. The toon then encounters a large monster, and using their wings, they have to successfully fly away out of the woods.
    Blaze Maze - The player is a toon whose house has caught on fire. The toon must escape the house by braving a somewhat intricate maze within a time limit.
    Ocean Dance - The player is a toon-mermaid taking part in a talent show. The toon-mermaid must impress the judges, which is accomplished through the player successfully completing a rhythm game and scoring high enough points.
    Whirlpool Escape - The player is a sailor toon out on the seas. The toon realises a whirlpool is ahead, but large rocks and litter prevent them from steering away. The player must move the litter so that the sailor may avoid danger.
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