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Office A. Soundless?

Discussion in 'Lawbot HQ' started by That Soundless Horse, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. That Soundless Horse

    That Soundless Horse college student TTR Beta Tester

    Jun 11, 2015
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    Let's attempt this
    Facts Are
    a. 2 sets of 4 per battle
    b. one is 2 11s 2 10s other is 3 11s 1 12.
    Let's Say we all have organic cake and good knowledge on how to do puzzles.
    First Row Of Cogs
    Toon A. Enters the battle
    Toon A. Uses hypno
    Toon B C And D enter the battle
    Toons A B C D Cloud and hose a cog on their side, killing the elevens with jump.
    They do the same thing with Whole Cream pies on the tens, one down.
    3 11s 1 12?
    One Hypno with a three tnt on the elevens
    All Cream the twelve with jump
    Floor TWO
    2 11 2 10s
    One enters the fight
    Three enter
    cake cog on your side.
    second row of 3 11s 1 12.
    One Lure, while others use their last tnts (final)
    then the cream strategy.
    Third Floor
    2 11s 2 10s
    one enters
    others join
    Cloud + hose an eleven (4 so should get two)
    Cream the tens.
    3 11s 1 12?
    one enters
    org cake the elevens, person who has the 12 on his side passes, or tus
    4 cream.
    You Did It!

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