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RedVelvett Curtain

Discussion in 'Groups & Clans Archive' started by Flitter, May 21, 2015.

  1. Flitter

    Flitter Gag Trainer

    May 21, 2015
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    Hi-ya! I'm guessing that because you are in the Clubs and Clans section, you are looking for something to join. Well, RedVelvett Curtain has it all! It has acting, it has plays, it has videos, it has news, it has reporters, it has detectives, and it OBVIOUSLY have the good ol' fashioned cog battles! But hey, that's just the surface! Why don't you dig a little deeper?

    This club is filled to the brim, but have you seen the bottom? Let me give you some insight. If you join the club you have the option to join none, some, or all of the four main teams:

    Take the Stage Acting Company
    This group takes ideas and turns them into plays. When enough club members have auditioned and the roles are all filled, they practice and rehearse until finally they can film it, make a movie, and post it to the Film Strip!

    Spotlight News
    This group is for the fun and love of Toons, Toons, and of course, Toons! They're reporters, and they get the look on you all- the every day toon.

    Behind the Scenes Detective Agency
    Taken a little more seriously than the Spotlight reports, these spy-like detective agents use code and stealth to get behind the ideas of the grease-bucket cogs. They deal with mysteries, rumors, myths, and facts, and they never leave out a single detail!

    Double Doors Toon Security
    The name says it all! This team is dedicated to the protection of Toontown and the best part? There are no requirements! Anyone can join this group and take the challenge of battles and fighting.

    No matter which of these you join, if any, there's still a TON to do. We send out newsletters, have parties, estate hostings, (will have) doodle training, fishing, gardening, racing, golfing, trivia, game shows, fashion shows... you name it, we got it. AND if you go our website, you can have your own FREE profile, too!

    Well, all of this just sounds FASCINATING, doesn't it. Sadly, the club was only JUST made. And therefore, the only one in it is me- the Director! (My name is Flitter, by the way.) We need people, and if you're in, all you have to do is go to redvelvettcurtain.webs.com, go to the Back Stage page, and create a FREE account! Easy. Then, if you want to join one of those teams I mentioned, just fill out the form right below it!

    Then of course, all clubs have rules. But ours are simple... they are all listed on the home page of our website but here's what you all might ask:

    Am I allowed to be in this club and another, or even host my own?
    Well duh! But I do ask one thing, don't take our ideas and don't influence our members to move.

    What are your requirements to join one of the four teams?
    Each group is different. The acting company needs someone to play each role, the news broadcasting team needs good reporters and writers, the detective agency needs spies, and the toon security just needs people!

    What are your requirements to join the club itself?
    There are none! It's free, with all included.

    If I join a team, do I have to partake in it?
    Well, to an extent, yes. If you are an actor, you have to act! If you are a reporter, you have to report! But I don't expect you to drop all other real-life plans just to come over... all I ask is that you do your part.

    What if I have another question?
    All questions can be answered under rules on our website redvelvettcurtain.webs.com. But, if you want to ask me directly, I took the time to make a gmail account too. Just email me at [email protected].

    So what about leadership? Let's not get too complicated here but I'm thinking about it. (This might change, but don't worry, I'll inform you about it on the website.)

    The Director - That's me. Club Leader, Club Creator, Website owner. My name is Flitter (a cream-colored short cat), and I am the Director. Not replaceable!:D

    Club Head - About 2 or 3 people at the head of the Club Council who help them and help me.

    Club Council - A group of about 10 to 20 Toons that will help me plan, organize, and keep track of the club and everyone in it.

    Group Leaders - There will be four, one for each group. Each one is responsible for helping keeping track of that group's members and their questions / concerns / ideas. (Mini-me's!)

    Group Heads - They help the group leaders and possibly replace them if the group leaders leave. There are eight of these, two to each group.

    Group Council - Each group has its own Group Council. These are similar to the Club Council; they help organize and plan for each group.

    Group Assistants - Just to keep everyone in line and make things interesting.

    Group / Club Members - Where everyone starts; just as a simple member!

    As I said, everyone starts as a club member. Eventually as more people join, I will start bumping people up. I will choose some people as the Club Head and Council, a few more Leaders, Group Heads, Group Council, and Group Assistants. Easy as pie. Just remember, if I choose you, it's an offer! You don't have to move up if you don't want to.

    Well that's about it! Until next time! :p

    Club Name: RedVelvett Curtain
    Club Website: Redvelvettcurtain.webs.com
    Club Email: [email protected]
    Last edited: May 29, 2015
  2. Raven

    Raven Guest

    Omg, I think I know you from TTR! Do you remember a short, cream bunny named Ladybug that was training in Donald's Dock?? It was quite awhile ago, but I used to call you "Flitter bug" :D Was that you??
  3. Flitter

    Flitter Gag Trainer

    May 21, 2015
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    Oh my gosh... :p I remember you :sweetgrin: hi.

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