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*Sneak peek of guide* Cashbot mint strategies (sound, 1 soundless, all soundless, trio)

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by The Rogue Ranger, May 20, 2020.

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    Jan 26, 2020
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    CREDIT: @Keb, @The Greater Picture, @The Rogue Ranger, @Furious Wind and a few other people.
    This part of the guide tells you what to do in cashbot mints, when in a normal sound mint, with one soundless, a trio or if everyone is soundless.

    10 10 10 10- With sound you can take it out with one fog and three trunks. With one soundless do two fogs and a trunk/aoogah. In a trio do the same thing. With all soundless do a lure and passes and then do 4 cakes/organic thunder (has to be same thing for it to be quicker).

    10 11 10 10- With sound you can take it out with two fogs and two trunks. Don't be the one person who wants to do one fog and three trunks. If you REALLY want to save that extra fog, do a lure+pass and then four cakes (one organic for the 11). If you are in a one soundless do two fogs and trunk/aoogah/bugle to kill the 10s and then the soundless hit the 11. Same with a trio but the soundless toon isn't there. That only applies to dollar mint and bullion mints though. In a coin mint you would ALWAYS kill the cogs immedietely which means 3 fogs. Though in a trio you would want to lure this (not coin mint) set to take about the same amount of time as if you sounded keeping one alive, but you save two fogs. All soundless is just the lure+cake with organic one on 11.

    11 10 11 10- With sound you can take it out with two fogs and two trunks. Never try to do one fog here, it is a game afterall, so most people can't spend 30 minutes in each mint. With one soundless just do three fogs, or if all soundless/out of good sound, you can either lure+pass and four cakes, or lure+two tnts, 4th person pass, and then two cream pies on each surviving 10. In a trio just do 3 fogs, if you get out of sound do lure+cakes and then creams.

    11 11 11 11- 2 fogs two trunks with sound, 3 fogs if in trio or one soundless. If with all soundless then lure+pass and 4 cakes, or if out of cakes, lure plus two cakes (still cakeing ik but still it is less cakes). Then thunder+hose to kill the lured 11s.

    11 12 11 11- If you have sound, three fogs here+plus aoogah or if they are soundless then three fog and hose the 12. If in a trio lure and organic cake two 11s, and then kill the 12 and 11 that ae left. If you have sound you might just do 3 fogs and let yourself get hit and then kill the 12, mainly down to if you have the sound or cakes to do it. If you are all soundless then lure+three tnts/cakes. That keeps the 12 alive which you then kill.
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