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Complaint & Suggestion - The endless problems with TTR.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Complaints' started by Dark, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. Dark

    Dark New Toon

    Sep 8, 2020
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    We spoke to a lot of other members of TTR, everyone agrees with this article. Please, make take the time to read this and make changes for all of us. You are reading from a player who has been on the game for a very long time.

    As this game gets older and older, the more issues arise.
    This is a complaint article specifically for ToonTown Rewritten in-game, not the forums. Before you try to remove this article or take it down, actually read through it and possible make some changes. I'm a huge fan of ToonTown Rewritten, I'm just not a fan of what changes have been going on since I last played.

    *Complaint* Let's start with the unprofessional staff team.
    Unfair Bans:
    Disclaimer: All information given below was permitted by the owner of the account(s).
    Let's start with what happened to one of my buddies (a 2015 player I know in real life)
    So, imagine having a 118 laff account with all max gags, you do a simple cosmetic glitch that makes you dress like a cog in the Sellbot HQ (just like if you entered the VP area), doesn't give you any in-game advantage at all, but your account gets terminated because of it. There was not a written warning nor a game D/C from moderators, just a permanent account termination. Is this a justified ban? Or is this just moderators being extremely unfair to users in-game. Hmm. You could bring up the account history on the account itself or linked to the IP Address, but this is still unfair as a cosmetic glitch is a glitch, it's apart of the game, it's TTR developers job to fix it. I could 100% understand if the glitch actually gave him an advantage in-game, I would ban too, but it didn't. Now, my buddy is forced to grind a new account (all that time in the terminated account was lost).

    If you can get banned for doing that glitch, players doing this glitch should be banned too:

    I have another friend who caught a 1 week ban and a 1 week mute simply for asking his old buddy what his Discord was. I get going around asking players for their Discord can potentially be dangerous especially to the younger players, but asking your friend you've known for a while, knowing very well that they are of age to use Discord, isn't a justification to give a 1 week ban or mute. I see players every single day sharing their Discord or asking if people have Discord but absolutely nothing happens to them. If Discord sharing was such a bad thing, why allow us to say Discord in the first place? It doesn't make sense.

    Long Appeal Process (with basically no response or help, just a person saying no)
    The appeal process takes ages to even get a reply. When you do get a reply, it's simply just a no we cannot do that. We wait almost a week for a response just to be told no without a valid explanation as to why. Perhaps change this to where you reply near instantly. It's not a hard system to implement in a game at all.

    *Complaint / Suggestion* No in-game support or help button in game.
    There isn't a way to simply click a button and get a moderator to come to you in-game. Instead, they deem you must email TTRs support email which takes weeks to get a simple response. Perhaps add an in-game feature that allows us to click a button and get support from a real staff member instantly.

    *Complaint* In-game crashes and bugs all the time that developers deem they are handling which is not true.
    It's almost like the developers don't really care what goes in in-game. They take ages for anything to be released in-game and get it to function properly. When you submit a support ticket to notify developers of a bug / glitch in-game, they say they will handle it / take care of it, but never do.

    Crashing before a teleport to a different playground, different district. Crashing before entering the VP, entering a building, etc.
    Being pushed by other users by jumping on top of them (can cause a player to get greened and such.)
    Not being able to type in whisper (happens very rarely)

    If anyone from the TTR team would like to sit and talk about this with me, reply and we can get in contact. I have so much more to say, but these are the main key points I'm trying to bring attention to.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2020
  2. Pebshau

    Pebshau Gag Trainer ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Jan 23, 2018
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    I’m not going to say for sure but I don’t think there are any TTR staff members on this site, as far as I know the moderators on TTR Forums have nothing to do with the staff/developers of the actual game
  3. Catcat

    Catcat semis don't deserve rights TTR Beta Tester

    Jul 20, 2014
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    any ttr staff members on this site are inactive and haven't been on in years, I think you should email the team about this instead
    as you said, it takes ages to get a reply, but it's a guaranteed way for them to see it

    considering how much they don't care about their playerbase, I don't even know if they'll take it into consideration but I'd still email
  4. Salty The Sailor Cat

    Salty The Sailor Cat Gag Trainer

    May 1, 2016
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    How can you know in advance of writing a post who will agree with it? That makes no sense.

    Not that I've noticed. If anything, the TTR code seems to be getting tighter with fewer bugs. Most of the bugs and glitches from yesteryear have been patched.

    Most people reading this have no power to alter it, and those who do, already read it.

    No one is going to edit your text for you; you'll need to do that yourself.

    Me too.

    I don't see why not. The game has improved substantially, as far as I can tell.

    TTR is a labor of love, not a "professional" endeavour, so watch how much you gripe about the details of something you enjoy on someone else's dime. How much money have you paid to play TTR? $0.00, right? Most other MMORPGs cost about $10/month.


    That's not what the word "disclaimer" means. You're not disclaiming anything. The word means "specification of what one doesn't claim".

    I'll bet that wasn't the actual reason. Methinks important details have been left out of this tale. I've never heard of anyone having their TTR acct terminated for glitches. Gltiches are errors by programmers, not rule
    violations by players.

    And, I don't think a glitch can do what you described. That was more likely someone altering their TTR client program. That, the TTR employees will permanently delete your account for, so don't do it.

    Nonsense. TTR incorporates Discord as part of the game, so the employees are hardly going to terminate people's accounts for asking what it is! So, no, your buddy didn't get terminated for that. Someone is lying or mistaken.

    COVID-19. Appeals processes are months (or years) long on all MMORPGS (and all other Internet forums as well, for that matter) right now, because the mods are all either laid-off or working from home. This will change back to normal in a year or two when the disease has either been mostly-eradicated or has infected most Americans (as it appears on-schedule to do) so that everyone is either immune or dead.

    I've never seen in-game support on any game. Use the game's web site or support email if you need help.

    No it doesn't. I've always received a response within a few hours.

    Not going to happen. Not in any MMORPG, and especially not in a free one. The world does not exist for the purpose of instantly gratifying all of your whims.

    Nonsense and you know it. Note that you just contradicted everything you said above. If TTR employees didn't care, they certainly wouldn't be moderating or censuring players for rule violations.

    Free game, limited staff. Learn C++ and Python, and donate your time.

    Not necessarily a bug in the game. Weak Internet connection, insufficient RAM, buggy video drivers, etc, can all cause this, especially during times of heavy server load (playing in full districts).

    That's an inherent part of all 3D-rendered MMORPGs and isn't going to change, so get used to it.

    Some districts are speedchat only. That's a feature, not a bug, and is clearly marked in your book.

    TTR's staff is not here. Contact TTR directly if you feel you need to talk to them. But they're only going to explain to you the things I already just did above.
  5. Catcat

    Catcat semis don't deserve rights TTR Beta Tester

    Jul 20, 2014
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    no, this is an actual glitch and people have been banned for it.

    you need clarabelle's icon to be on your screen for it.
    press clarabelle's icon as you're going into the boss lobby, and walk into the elevator by yourself. press confirm when you get to the NPC dialog and you will be sent to your house, only other people will see you in a cog suit but the glitch still worked.
    people have been banned, both temporarily and permanently, for this glitch because they don't want others to have fun

    currently, there are no TTR injectors, they have patched out most if not all of them. hacking is basically the only thing they crack down on, considering I see people saying slurs in beanfests every day and there's nothing done about it.

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