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Toontown Stories The cringiest memory ever

Discussion in 'Toontown Online Memories' started by GreenBilly77, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. GreenBilly77

    GreenBilly77 New Toon

    Mar 29, 2021
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    Ok so check it. I was super active during the final month of TTO and on one of my toons I joined a "Family" of cats in toon valley. Now, in these families there is always a fight on who gets to be the youngest kid (IDK why, I was the youngest growing up, it wasn't the greatest) and to ENSURE that she got the position, this one girl said "still in mama belly" to signify that the mom was still pregnant. I remember that another of the girls said that she was also in the womb still. Anyway, some time passed and after a while, this legitimately happened. I swear to you with EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING AND EXISTENCE THAT I DIDN'T MAKE THIS UP. This child decided it was finally time and so walks out into the open, and says, by quote:

    "is born"

    ...What the heck??????

    It has been almost eight years since this...event happened and I still can not do it justice using only words. Maybe I can if I decide to use ancient Aztec curse words but I don't think that I could muster them out. Keep in mind, the mom didn't say anything or react at all, she just was sitting down on a chair staring off into the empty green void of beyond the walls of the house with the default cat face. I don't think she ever talked the entire time, though I can't blame her for that granted what was happening.

    Families in TTO were weird. You had the good ones, then there were the cringey ones. There was no in between,

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