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The Forum Rules

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sweet, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Oct 27, 2013
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    Welcome to Toontown Rewritten Forums! The cast here want to make sure that everyone is safe, secure and in the best possible atmosphere we can provide.

    We ask that everybody read & abide by the rules and help keep their peers protected! Anyone found not following these rules, will have disciplinary action taken upon them. Keep in mind that these rules apply to every forum in this website.

    TTRF Site Policies and Disclaimers
    Thank you for becoming a member of Toontown Rewritten Forums (TTRF). The following are the site rules which we have governing our site. Since most sites' rules are really all the same in format, our base rules were adopted from Disney Online Worlds.com; and modified for TTRF. We ask that every registered member, please read and abide by our rules, or disciplinary actions against you may be taken​

    For the context of this document, Toontown Rewritten Forums, will be referred to as "TTRF", and Toontown Rewritten shall be referred to as "TTR".

    1. Site Policy
    2. Site Disclaimer
    3. Forum Registration
    4. Account User Names & Name Changes
    5. Posting in the Forums
    6. Advertising
    7. Back Seat Modding
    8. Impersonation of Other Members
    9. English Only
    10. Hacking and Hacker Discussions
    11. Controversial Topics
    12. Inappropriate or Non G-Rated Discussions
    13. Multiple Accounts
    14. Personal Information
    15. Personal Relationship Discussion
    16. Scamming
    17. Signatures
    18. Spamming
    19. Flaming
    20. Trolling
    21. Extortion
    22. Moderator Shopping
    23. Disciplinary Actions
    24. Reporting of Site Violations
    25. Cyber-Bullying & Cyber-Stalking
    26. Streaming & Live Chat Policies & Rules
    27. TTRF Cast
    28. COPPA: Users under 13 years of age
    29. Privacy Policy
    30. Private Server Discussion
    31. Revisions​

    1.0.0 Site Policy
    Welcome to the TTRF forums for Toontown Rewritten. We are a PG rated TTR fan-site, for people of all ages. Please read these policy guidelines as they apply to all areas of TTRF. No member has any reason for violating any policy with the excuse "I didn't know it was a policy" or "I didn't think that was the meaning of that rule." Ignorance of the rules is never acceptable. If you question yourself on whether or not your action(s) or post(s) are in violation of the site rules, we recommend that you refrain from doing the aforementioned action(s) or post(s) and ask an Administrator or Moderator before proceeding. Keep in mind that our site Admins have final say about what happens on TTRF, and their decisions are to be final. Please report any problems or policy violations you see on the forums by using the report post button located at the bottom of every post and PM.​

    1.1.0 All rule guidelines and policies apply to, but are not limited to, all forums, threads, posts, private messages, userpages, profiles, avatars and signatures of TTRF, any other unlisted site related content, or content that is shown through the site (i.e. live streams and/or live chat). We will not moderate any member on member activities outside of the TTRF site and its sub locations, this includes any Instant Messaging services you choose to use (this excludes the discussing of administration actions taken upon a member if it's reported).​

    2.0.0 Site Disclaimer
    TTRF is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or any other damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this forum or in reliance on any information available on the site. This includes any personal injury, business interruption, loss of use, lost data, lost profits, or any other pecuniary loss, whether in an action of contract, negligence, or other tortuous action, even if TTRF has been informed of the possibility.​

    We reserve the right to add/delete or modify any and all policies for this site at any time we deem necessary.

    The TTRF site(s) are privately owned and operated. We have no direct affiliation with TTR or any of its other holdings.​

    3.0.0 Forum Registration
    In order to post on our forums and interact with other users, you are required to register. Registration is completely free. All we ask is that you provide a valid email address and accurate date of birth. We require a valid email address as there will be an activation email sent to said address during registration. You may also receive email messages that are forum related , such as post reply notification and similar, if you have those options turned on in your preferences. Note: If you have problems activating your email, you may send us an email ([email protected]), from the email address registered in your profile.​

    4.0.0 Account User Names & Name Changes
    During registration, you will need to choose a username. This name will be used to identify yourself on the forum. This name has to be Family Friendly, i.e. Rated G. If it is found to not comply with the above, your name and or account will be deleted, or may be changed by admin to which you will be notified and it shall be requested that you choose a different name.​

    4.1.0 If at any time, your account user name is reported by another member, or noticed by any admin or moderator, to not comply with the site rules, your name and or account will be deleted, or may be changed by admin to which you will be notified and it shall be requested that you choose a different name.​

    4.2.0 You may request a user name change, no sooner than 1 year intervals, by sending a message to admin with the requested name change.​

    5.0.0 Forum Posting
    As one posts to the forums, this enables them to communicate and collaborate with other members of the site. Our main site content concept is geared towards those that play TTR and TTR game content & situations. However, it's not required that a person play the game in order to be a member of TTRF. These online forums are similar to the classic definition of the word: forum -- A public place or medium for open discussions. You access our forums by clicking on the forum link at the top of the main page and by clicking on the title of the individual forum you want to view. For example, you can click on the Forums link. then click on the Main Forum link to see a list of available discussions in our Main Forum. Then, one can click on the title of discussion they wish to view in that specific forum. Each forum has a name and a brief description with them which helps to make information easier for people to find if they have a similar question, post, or are interested in the same things.​

    5.1.0 Posting Consistency
    Please post in the appropriate forum. By doing this, it ensures that others searching for the content which is posted, is easier and located all in one place for them to find. Do not be upset if we move your post to a more appropriate forum. In the event you find your post "missing", please attempt to locate it in what might be a more appropriate forum by using the Search feature.​

    5.2.0 Off-Topic/Nonsense Posts
    If your post/thread does not make sense, hijacks, disrupts, is filled with gibberish or contributes nothing to the discussion, it will be removed. While we expect that some topics will stray a bit, if a series of posts completely takes over the discussion and/or disrupts the flow of conversation, those posts will either be removed, edited, or split into a separate thread.​

    5.3.0 Reserved Rights of Cast
    We reserve the right to move, remove, or close any post for any violations or reasons we deem necessary. (Disciplinary action will be taken on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity.)​

    6.0.0 Advertising
    Any site in direct competition with our site(s), containing obscene content, not deemed Rated G, or those seeking for personal gain, are forbidden to be linked to or mentioned on the site.​

    7.0.0 Backseat Modding
    No person shall act like or impersonate an administrator or moderator of this forum unless they are one. Back seat modding is defined by, but is not limited to: correcting another user or taking matters into your own hands by replying, PMing another user pretending to be an administrator or moderator, or by any other means scolding another user for their actions or posted content. This behavior often ends in a flame war or makes the targeted user upset and therefore is not tolerated. Disciplinary actions will be taken if it's determined by Administration or a Moderator that you were taking part in Backseat Moderating.​

    8.0.0 Impersonation of Other Members
    At any time, no forum member may pretend to be another member when performing any forum activity. Disciplinary actions, be it a warning or ban, will be taken if it's determined by Administration or a Moderator that you were Impersonating another member at any time.​

    9.0.0 English Only
    The moderators/administrators and other users must be able to read and comprehend your posts. To ensure this, we require that everyone posts only in English on the public forums. You may, however, write in other languages to your friends in personal messages or ask a specific question/answer for foreign language homework so long as it's not a public post. This includes, but is not limited to, posts, replies and any content that a link may lead to.​

    10.0.0 Hacking and Hacker Discussions
    Any discussion of third party program usage or altering game files to change game play as it was not intended by TTR, will be removed from our forums. This EXCLUDES content that is allowed by admin. Using third party programs or altering game files not approved by TTR, can result in your TTR account being suspended or terminated. Inherent bugs and/or glitches of games are allowed to be discussed and reported as this helps the TTR Developers correct the game issues and provide a better game-play for its users.​

    11.0.0 Controversial Topics
    Discussions designed to educate or explore a topic are permitted; however, those designed simply to inflame or generate conflict will not be tolerated. Posts containing political subject matter (i.e., new governmental laws, candidates, etc.), promotion of religious beliefs, or other topics which can cause debates to go beyond a civil debate will be removed.​

    12.0.0 Inappropriate or Non G-Rated Discussions
    The TTRF site is family friendly. As such, nothing obscene will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to:​
    • foul language/cursing.
    • nudity and/or sex.
    • violence (cartoon violence is acceptable).
    • drug or alcohol use (or any other illegal substance).
    • modern weapons (guns, grenades, torpedoes, etc) [not specifically game related].
    • severe or life-threatening illnesses.
    • death.
    • un-moderated chat rooms or instant messaging apps on user pages.
    • Any other topics not suitable for all ages.
    Users found in violation of this policy may receive an automatic ban depending on the severity of the infraction.

    13.0.0 Multiple Accounts
    Members are allowed only one user account. Sharing an account with other family members and/or friends is your choice, but YOU are responsible for anyone and everyone who uses your account to both, access the TTRF Forums and any/all events they do. (i.e posting in the forums)​

    NOTE: This does not apply to Admins/Moderators, as they often need multiple accounts to test technical issues that come up from various user levels and to do that properly it requires them to create "test" accounts.​

    14.0.0 Personal Information
    This site has children present therefore asking for or volunteering personal information is not allowed.​
    • Personal Info consists of the following items(subject to additions at any time by administration):
    • Real Life Names (either first OR last are allowed - if not unique, never both).
    • Gender (Stating which you are is okay. Asking another what they are, is not.)
    • Location (Saying which country, state, or province you live in is acceptable; but anything smaller, such as city, is not.)
    • Links to profile pages on social media or other sites that aren't able to be listed in your profile.
    • Password/Account Information
    • School Information (includes school name, your grade)
    • Posting personal pictures including yourself, family, other users, schools or homes
    • Posting real life photos, not forbidden in the above clause, is subject Administrator/Moderator discretion and determination. Possible exceptions would include verifiable actors, musicians, etc., so long as the member is not themselves in the picture. This is after all a Toon site and we'd much rather see a cool picture of your toon!
    15.0.0 Personal Relationship Discussion
    The forums are not to be used as a dating service. No one is to be asked if they are dating, married, nor any reference to being "taken" or seeking. Within a story or role-play type post, users may use SOME personal relationship terms in their posts, but the posted information must be imaginary (made up). It must remain appropriate for all ages of viewers.​

    16.0.0 Scamming
    Charging for services, taking advantage or in any other way asking another member for any form of currency, is strictly prohibited and if reported or seen, will end in an immediate site ban.​

    17.0.0 Signatures
    Members should be considerate of other users on the forums.
    Excessive signature lengths cause the flow of a thread to become disrupted.
    Signature violations seen by, or reported to, the TTRF cast are grounds for disciplinary action.
    This includes, but is not limited to, having the signature removed from your profile if it has been deemed necessary to do so. The following signature restrictions are currently in place:​

    17.1.0 Overall Signature Component Limits
    • Maximum Printable Character 500
    • Maximum Number Of Links 3
    • Maximum Number Of Lines 5
    • Maximum Number Of Images 2
    • Maximum Number Of Smily's 10
    • Maximum Text Size 5

    17.2.0 Signature Pictures
    Signature pictures are to be limited to the following size(s):
    The total dimensional pixel height of 300px.
    This breaks down as follows:​
    If one(1) picture = picture may be up to 300 pixels in height.
    If two(2) pictures, side x side, each picture may be up to 300 pixels high.
    If two(2) pictures, one above the other, TOTAL HEIGHT = up to 300 pixels COMBINED height.
    Example: top picture, 200 pixels high, bottom picture, up to 100 pixels high.​

    17.3.0 Repeated Signature Violations
    Repeated signature violations provide grounds for Admin to impose actions of disabling the member from having a signature on the site, up to and including, permanently disabling the members from using this feature.​

    17.4.0 Smileys in a Signature
    • Site offered Smiley's will not count in the total size, Providing they are not used excessively! (However, the code that is used to create them, does count towards your total character count!)
      • Example of Smiley's: ":)" ":sweetgrin:"
      • The smiley code that is being used cannot be seen in regular viewing mode, but can be seen by switching to BB Code view. These 'hidden' characters count toward the character total for your signature.
        In the smiley example above, the number of characters used is two(2) and eleven(11) respectively.
    • Excessive will be considered beyond a user inserting more than 5 and provided they are on the SAME line if they are outside the total signature size limit.
    • If they are within the total signature size limits, then no more than 10 shall be used.

    18.0.0 Spamming
    "Spam" refers to posting identical, irrelevant, or hard-to-read posts that make it difficult to comprehend what a user is attempting to say. These types of posts are irritating and often hard to read. These will be removed at the discretion of the cast and repeated offenses may end in disciplinary actions against the poster:​
    • Mass messaging people you do not know, or who have not invited you to message them.
    • Posting for the sole purpose of boosting your post count.
    • Caps/Lowercase variances (I wAnT A sEcReT fRiEnD).
    • Excessive punctuation (yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
    • Letter repetition in a word (Wooooooooooooooot!).
    • Excessive use of smiley's. ( This is defined in section 17.0.0 Signatures )
    • Exceptionally large images placed within posts which may cause some browsers to scroll.
      • Exception to this rule is posting in the User Art forum.
    • Multiple postings.
      • This is automatically controlled by the forum program and will merge multiple, consecutive postings by the same person.
    • Excessive bumping of threads.
    • The ORIGINAL poster is allowed one bump per twenty-four (24) hours after the last post was created in their thread to not be considered spamming the forum.

    19.0.0 Flaming
    Deliberately attacking another user on the forums will not be tolerated for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to: race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. An attack is considered any word, phrase or image that casts any user in a negative light. Any incidences of Flaming either reported or noticed by Administration or Moderators on this site, or it's child sites, will be grounds for an immediate site-wide ban. We take bullying very serious and as such, it will not be tolerated in any form.​

    20.0.0 Trolling
    Trolling is trying to make an individual, or a group of people, angry by forcing them to respond to you, either through wise-cracks, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness. This is done by unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander and/or by baiting people to flame at you, stating false arguments, or putting the forum down and/or encouraging people to leave. Using a poll or post to claim that another user is better, smarter, cuter, or in any way a favorite is also trolling. Claiming copyright or trademark infringement without true possession of said documentation is another form of trolling. This type of behavior is not permitted on our sites.​

    However, any user replacing previously deleted/edited posts that have already been reviewed by a mod/admin is considered trolling the mod cast by not only ignoring our sites policy guidelines, but also the actions of that mod. This action will be cause for an automatic site ban.​

    21.0.0 Extortion
    We define Extortion as the following:
    When one or several people try to either obtain or dismantle something of value from another person or group by using leverage of current circumstances, most commonly the use of threats or blackmail against one's property. Extortion is a federal offense, and under no circumstances should any site member do or be a part of it. Any user found to be involved in any way will receive an immediate ban and possibly be reported to the authorities along with any/all evidence we obtain from the site regarding the matter.​

    22.0.0 Mod Shopping
    When you have a concern you'd like to discuss privately, please only contact one moderator/administrator. When messages are sent to many different moderators it is difficult to know if the questions, or issues, have already been handled. The entire mod cast operates under the same rules and policies; therefore, attempting to solicit a more favorable answer is a waste of the cast's time. The Administrator or Moderator you contacted, will only PM you if they need to follow up with you concerning the matter of your message, or possibly need more information.​

    23.0.0 Disciplinary Actions
    23.1.0 Basic Disciplinary Outline Guidelines
    First contact will be a warning and a reminder to look at the rules and policies. Next will come a second warning if the incidence is a new rule infraction. If not a new infraction, then site suspensions will begin. After the second warning, the suspensions begin: 3 - 5 days the first time, 5-7 days the next, two weeks, a month, etc. Each time a user is suspended from the site it will be for a longer period until they are permanently banned from the sites.​

    23.2.0 Extended Guidelines
    The administrators and moderators are not limited to these guidelines if the infraction is severe enough. Also, each violation can be conducted within the personal actions of each individual moderator or administrator based on the specific incident they are dealing with. This means, that any given administrator or moderator may use the above guidelines as a 'starting' point and have the abilities to impose penalties of a lesser, or higher significance than described above. Though in most all cases, it will be followed as described.​

    24.0.0 Reporting of Site Violations
    The administrators and Moderators will do their best to ensure every member is following the site rule. However, we may miss something at any time. (we are human after all).If you happen to see a specific violation that has taken place and hasn't been acted up on, please report the problem(s) or policy violation(s) you see on the forums by using the report a button located at the bottom of every post.​

    25.0.0 Cyber-Bullying & Cyber-Stalking
    Cyber-Bullying is when one person or a group uses modern interactive technologies to harass someone. They are strictly for negative reactions only to antagonize and harm others. Cyber-Bullying is similar to Flaming, and will not in any way, be tolerated under any circumstances on this site.​

    The practice of cyber-bullying is not limited to children and, while the behavior is identified by the same definition in adults, the distinction in age groups is referred to as cyber-stalking or cyber-harassment when perpetrated by adults toward adults. A pattern of repeated such actions against a target by and between adults constitutes cyber-stalking.​

    Cyber-Bullying & Cyber-Stalking is not allowed anywhere on TTRF, this includes but is not limited to, all of the forums, posts, private messages, profiles, signatures, visitor messages or avatars.​

    26.0.0 Live Streaming & Live Chat Policies and Rules
    This site has the ability to link to Live Streaming of either the TTR game, or other means of streaming, i.e, Youtube, Twitch or other video/sound related sites. It is the responsibility of each and every person streaming, to ensure the streamed content to the site, is kept Rated-G. If at any time, either via a user reporting your content, or a moderator or administrator, seeing a users' stream violate the Rated-G content rule, it will carry the penalty of the user to have their streaming rights removed permanently, along with the possibility of other disciplinary actions taken. Other Disciplinary actions may be, but not limited to, a site ban or account deletion, at the discretion of the administration. This rule isn't limited to only streaming content and can be extended to posting rights as well.​

    27.0.0 TTRF Cast
    Moderators and Administrators of this site monitor your compliance with the rules of the site and will dispense disciplinary action at their discretion. Disciplinary decisions may be appealed through the Appeal Procedure. The site Admins have final say in any and all decisions. All appeals should be kept within PM's and/or e-mail correspondence and should not be publicly posted, discussed with those not directly involved in the incident, or sent via friend. If you have concerns regarding an incident, please feel free to discuss the matter with the mod or admin via e-mail or PM. Do not create a new topic simply for the purposes of questioning a moderator's decision. In addition, user infractions and disciplinary actions will only be discussed with the individual account holder and no other person(s). If you have an issue with actions taken, or displayed by a Moderator, please report it to an Administrator and they will investigate the incident in question.​

    28.0.0 COPPA: For users under the age of 13
    United States federal law requires sites to obtain parental permission to enable users under 13 to post to the forums. This is enforced at the registration process by requiring anyone who puts a birthday that puts them under 13 to send in a parental permission form. Anyone believed to have submitted an incorrect birthday will have their account deleted. If we receive a complaint that we are storing information of a child under 13 without parental permission, that account and all of its posts will be immediately deleted and additional steps will be taken to prevent future registration.​

    29.0.0 Privacy Policy
    We at TTRF take your personal privacy and safety very serious. This is why we prohibit personal information, in the form of any communication on the site, or picture, from being posted in the public forums. In regards to communications between a member and cast members, any and all discussions between the two entities shall be done in strict confidence. Discussions, in any form, outside of the intended participation group will be seen as discussing Cast actions and will result in disciplinary being imposed on the offender. This includes, but is not limited to, discussing the actions outside of the forum and it's reported to administration along with evidence of the incident.
    30.0.0 Private Servers
    Please do not discuss Toontown private servers here with the exception of Toontown Rewritten. As we revolve around Toontown Rewritten, this helps to minimize drama and provide more manageable discussions. Any discussion of other private servers will have the content deleted and a warning issued to the user posting it.​

    • 31.0.1 --- 11/02/2013 - ~Sweet
      • Initial posting.
    • 31.0.2 --- 11/03/2013 - 17.0.0 - ~Sweet
      • Changed signature size limits from 600 x 400 to 600 x 200.
    • 31.0.3 --- 11/10/2013 - 17.4.0 - ~Sweet
      • Added rule about Smiley Usage.
    • 31.0.4 --- 12/26/2013 - 15.0.0 - ~Sweet
      • Correction of a typo error - Had two sections labeled 16.0.0.
    • 31.0.5 --- 01/04/2014 - 17.0.0 - ~Sweet
      • Added Signature Imposed Limits, Renumbered Section.
      • Changed Size limit from 600 x 200 to 600 x 240.
      • Added better rule clarification.
    • 31.0.6 --- 06/13/2014 ~Blue Bear
      • 3.0.0 - Add site email.
    • 31.0.7 --- 06/14/2014 ~Sweet
      • 16.0.0 - Revise wording to make more clear.
    • 31.0.8 --- 09/12/2014 ~John
      • 30.0.0 - Added rule with private server discussion.
    • 31.0.9 --- 11/12/2014 ~Sweet
      • Updated Contents numbering
      • Updated Downloadable PDF
      • Updated Revision Listing.
    • 31.0.10 --- 11/14/2014 ~Mira
      • Updated rule concerning personal information.
      • Revised wording to make more clear.
    • 31.0.11 --- 2/21/2015 ~John
      • Updated words "Staff" to "Cast"
      • Updated site email
    • 31.0.12 --- 01/02/2016 ~Sweet
      • 17.0.0 - Added clarity to paragraph wording.
      • 17.2.0 - Changed picture height to 300 pixels. Only height is counted now. Added better clarity for multiple pictures
      • 17.3.0 - Deleted previous sub and changed to "Animated pictures within signatures are prohibited".
      • 17.4.0 - Reworded paragraph.
      • 17.5.0 - Reworded paragraph.
    • 31.0.12 --- 05/22/2016 ~John
      • Reworded Private Server Discussion rule.
    • 31.0.13 --- 06/22/2016 ~Blue Bear
      • 30.0.0 - Rewording to clarify rule
    • 31.0.14 --- 07/05/2016 ~Sweet
      • 9.0.0 - Added in depth clarification of using the English language in posts, content and links.
    • 31.0.15 --- 07/19/2016 ~Sweet
      • 14.0.0 - Added addition to ban all real life photos, with exception.
      • 3.0.0 - Changed support email to [email protected]
    • 31.0.16 --- 07/25/2016 ~Sweet
      • 17.3.0 - Repealed
      • 17.4.0 - Renumbered to 17.3.0
      • 17.5.0 - Renumbered to 17.4.0
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