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NEWS The Hilarity and Horrors of Halloween

Discussion in 'TTR Posts' started by Wizard Bear, Nov 13, 2017.

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    The Hilarity and Horrors of Halloween
    Posted by Flippy on October 31, 2017 at 12:00 AM

    Gather around, Toons, and let me tell you a terrifying tale... It's a tale of Toons like no other, ones that prowl this path only on a single night of the entire year... This is no dog's tail, monkey tail, or even a Doodle tail -- This, my great ghoulish group, is a Black Cat's tale.


    It was a dark October night, here in Toontown Central. The Toon Council was up late in their chambers, watching the door anxiously. They knew it was coming... Halloween's most horrific hilarity, a force that couldn't be stopped! The clock struck twelve, and with a loud and enormous thud -- IT WAS HERE!Cue the lightning, Fluffy!

    The Toon Council cowered in fear, knowing what frightful fears lay beyond the locked door! One brave Toon Trooper reached for the handle, ever so slowly turning the knob to unveil the unthinkable, thrilling, thought that they theatrically thwarted... The endless batch of NEW TOON NAMES! (Ironically, most of which were named "Midnight".)

    Phew. That story always gets me. You don't know fear until you see how many names we have to approve on Halloween night. It's a true monster!I hope I didn't scare you too much, however, because Halloween has only just begun!

    You see, every year on this day, a band of frightful felines make their way into Toontown. These Black Cats only come around once a year, available to any Toon who knows the "Toontastic!" phrase that unleashes the spell. Any cat who wishes to walk the path can come find me on Tutorial Terrace or in Toon Hall.

    By the way: This year is the last year I'll be offering to turn existing cats into Black Cats. In the future, all black cats must cross Tutorial Terrace to be transformed. I need to save some of my tricks and treats for the new Toons!

    Speaking of Tricks and Treats, tomorrow is the last day of Toontown's Trick or Treat week, which is when Jack O. Kazam's curse will wear off! Click Here to read about the frights in store before Spooktown turns back into Toontown.

    From everyone here on the Toon Council,
    Have a Horrifically Happy Halloween!

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