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The Pizza Clan

Discussion in 'Groups & Clans Archive' started by Pizzapalooza, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Pizzapalooza

    Pizzapalooza Gag Trainer

    Sep 13, 2015
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    Hello fellow toons!
    I am posting this thread to advertise a new clan that I am proud to be a Member of.
    The Pizza Clan!
    We are a small clan but we are growing everyday. Boss runs and Bean Fests haven't been discussed yet but we'll keep you all updated!
    NOTE: For all activities, Meet Up's, Our main meeting area is always Avant Gardens, In Toontown Central!
    Our current activities are the following:

    • MOTOR MONDAYS - Have fun Kart Racing with other members of the clan in the various tracks in Goofy's Speedway!. Times - 3:30 PM Est, 9:30 PM GMT. Goofy's Speedway, Avant Gardens
    • TRAINING TUESDAYS - A day for all members of the group to train their gags with each other in Battles, Buildings etc. Higher toons will be there for any support needed for smaller toons. TIMES - 2PM EST, 8PM GMT, Meet in Avant Gardens TTC. And we shall move into an invasion district.
    • SECRET SURPRISE SATURDAY - Our leader Pepperoni Pizza will have a surprise in store for us every Saturday! Times! - 1PM EST, 7PM GMT,

    One last thing about activities!
    At the end of every month, It is Award day where all Pizza Members online will come together and some of the lucky members will receive their rewards. Rewards are based off of your Good Behaviour, Appreciation towards each other and our wonderful leader too, Your Personality, You're toon (Uniqueness and so on)

    Now, If you are wanting to join the clan, Due to how busy our leader is when it comes to arranging activities and so on, We have arranged Meeting times where you can meet our leader in person or myself if she is busy
    The meeting times are the following:
    Wednesday, Friday & Sunday's, 1PM Est - 1:30, 7pm GMT - 7:30, Toontown Central in Avant Gardens
    Either myself or Pepperoni Pizza will be there to give you details on how you join!

    Please don't be shy and reply down below if you are interested in joining, We'd love to hear about what you think!
    Goodbye friends!

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  2. Sky's The Limit

    Sky's The Limit Gag Trainer

    Sep 13, 2015
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    Heyy It's Me Pepperoni Pizza! Thanks for posting this. Perfect Info~ Yes everyone, Join Now xD! ~Peppy

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