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~The Pizza Clan~

Discussion in 'Groups & Clans Archive' started by Sky's The Limit, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Sky's The Limit

    Sky's The Limit Gag Trainer

    Sep 13, 2015
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    Hello. I am Sky Blue, but you may know me by a different name. You see, I own 13 clans on Toontown Rewritten... Yeah, sounds crazy right? Well today I'm here to discuss the Pizza Clan. I'm the leader, Pepperoni Pizza. But you can call me Peppy! (Given the nickname by my friend/clan member Meatlovers Pizza) Here is our current clan schedule.
    Motor Mondays - On Mondays, the clan gathers at Goofy Speedway in our home district, Avant Gardens at 3:30pm Eastern Time, To kart race.
    Training Tuesdays - On Tuesdays, the clan gathers at 2pm in Toontown Central in our main meeting area, also known as our home district, Avant Gardens. Once we're all there, we head to any current invasion district we like, and train together.
    Monthly Awards - At the end of each month, I will hand out "awards" at 2:30pm to each clan member based on their behavior, personality, and appreciation towards others. At the end, One of our clan members high toons, Or even my own main toon, will give out a jellybean unite for celebration.
    Surprise Saturdays - On Saturdays, I will have something new and different planned each week for the clan to do, but it's a surprise! It could be anything... even a pizza party!! WOOO!!!!
    Meetups - On Sunday, Wednesday, & Friday I will be at the gazebo in Toontown Central, Avant Gardens at 1-1:30pm eastern time, To meet up with anyone who'd like to join. If I am busy during the time, one of my other clan members may have taken over my spot, or if i'm not online at all, Nobody will be there at all, unfortunately. Don't worry, If I'm ever going to miss a day; I'll give you a heads up on here, or on my blog!
    Oh! Right! I own a blog for all of my clans, plus, 3 YouTube accounts, 9 Instagram Accounts, & 3 Toontown Rewritten Accounts. Let's just say, I'm obsessed with social media.
    For more updates, check out my instagram: @cassiegaming
    My main YouTube: Cassie Rose (130 Subscribers, picture of me on a minecraft horse.)
    Or even my blog: ttrclans.blogspot.com
    Now remember, Some of these activities may also be included in some of my other clans, So if you're interested in this clan, you might be interested in my others, too! Feel free to leave ideas or suggestions in the comments for the clan, or if you have any questions about us, Just ask! Thanks for reading, ~Pepperoni Pizza

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