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The worst gags you've seen?

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Justiceinacan, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Rigel

    Rigel Guest

    Me. :p Im just playing xD
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  2. mdu.png

    They wanted a middle 6

    I bet for lure training or tu training lol
  3. Miss Boo Boo

    Miss Boo Boo Elite Toon TTR Beta Tester

    Jul 16, 2014
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    Now I feel like a casual, lol. I'm about thirty laff shy of one hundred (or so? I think?) and I only have squirt and throw maxed! :tearsofjoy: Then again, I don't try to run into cfo's or anything 'cause I know my gags are super weak (even though all of my tasks requires me to do cog hq runs). Guess I'll just have to find the time for invasions so I don't end up here. :p
  4. Heaven Bound

    Heaven Bound Guest

  5. Max Dynospeed

    Max Dynospeed Gag Trainer

    May 31, 2016
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    This is more weird than bad to me, but how do you not max throw when you've maxed sound, squirt, and drop? From a 95 laff toon as well.
  6. Rigel

    Rigel Guest

    Well, like me, some people may find throw hard to train as it misses a lot more often than squirt for me.[DOUBLEPOST=1465658595,1465658519][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Also, i've seen 100 laffers with a 50 damage stormcloud still.
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  7. Duke Cricket Boingenzap

    Duke Cricket Boingenzap Elite Toon KTTA ATTA Supporter

    May 9, 2015
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  8. Entity

    Entity Guest

    I've seen plenty of 100 laffers with only throw and squirt maxed
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  9. Aiyman

    Aiyman Guest

    Same here.
  10. I've seen 100 laff DROPLESS toons with 5 dollar bills... keep in mind that means they've had it for quite a while as a dropless toon must pick lure in donald's dock
  11. Aiyman

    Aiyman Guest

    Yep. Here's a few screenshots of Toons with awful Lure Gags for their Laff
    I have a lot of screenshots, but I'm too lazy to send them.... :p
  12. I get the memo ; I see it every time I log lol

    Also recently I see the stereotype of black cats having good gags has been shattered
  13. Aiyman

    Aiyman Guest

    LOL True.
  14. Miss Candy

    Miss Candy Elite Toon KTTA ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Feb 21, 2016
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    Well, Since People Won't Stop Blabbing To Me "Your Gags Are Awful, Go Train" (Btw I'm REALLY Lazy And Training Isn't Really My Thing), Check It Out:
    I'm A 109 Laffer, Almost Everything Is Maxed, But I Really Don't Use Lure(Tbh, By Now I Wish I Was Lureless) Or Trap Often Enough, But I Think For A Big Toon Who Has Been Working On This Game For 2+ Years, These Gags Aren't Fantastic, But They Aren't Bad :tearsofjoy:
    Toonup: MAXED
    Lure: Lvl 5
    Trap: Lvl 3
    Sound: MAXED
    Throw: MAXED


  15. Trap

    Trap Forum Moderator Cast Member Forum Moderator TTR Beta Tester

    Aug 17, 2015
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  16. Doesn't make it acceptable for them to get into a high boss with minimal leveling imo

    People sugarcoat them too much
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  17. skylexar

    skylexar Guest

    i just saw a 105 laffer..
    with level one trap. a banana peel
    but the rest were maxed...?

    i've also seen quite a few 100+ laffers with no maxed gags
  18. Big Buster McMonkey

    Big Buster McMonkey Gag Trainer TTR Beta Tester

    May 21, 2017
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    Dang, this thread makes me feel a lot better about my gags, considering I have only 77 laff and I maxxed Lure a long time before anything else, even Throw and Squirt. How do these people even manage to get to where they are?

  19. Rafiki

    Rafiki Cog Crusher ATTA Supporter TTR Beta Tester

    Jul 3, 2017
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    Trapless toon, Max sound throw and squirt, level 1 everything else. Reverse uber yes, but thats not what shocked me, what shocked me was he had 131 laff.

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