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NEWS ToonFest: Celebrating Three Years of Toontown Rewritten

Discussion in 'TTR Posts' started by Wizard Bear, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Wizard Bear

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    ToonFest: Celebrating Three Years of Toontown Rewritten
    Posted by The TTR Team on September 19, 2016 06:00 AM

    Today marks the third anniversary of the day that a fateful band of players decided that they weren't ready to see an entire Tooniverse go to waste. It's been a long, crazy, journey -- and had you told us that we would be writing this post three years ago, we may not have believed you!

    Let us be the first to officially say, WELCOME to ToonFest 2016!


    Just like every year, the main celebration of this year's ToonFest will be an awesome in-game party full of activities and items that you can only play during this time of the year. While some unexpected maintenanceput a small damper in our plans, we've just rearranged our schedule to keep the party going!

    Here's a list of what to expect during this year's ToonFest celebration, which lasts from September 19th to October 19th:


    Nominate a New Toon Species!
    Starting TODAY at 2:00PM Toontown Time (PST), Alec Tinn takes the stage to tell you how to get started in the Toontown Species Election by nominating an animal of your choice to become the newest Toon in town.

    You'll be able to see a live list of the most popular nominations, and our final candidates will be revealed before the end of ToonFest 2016. By next year, you'll be able to play as a brand new Toon Species for the first time since 2008!
    Meet Riggy Marole
    It's hard not to love Riggy Marole, the absolutely insane host of ToonFest who came around last year to keep things lively throughout the event. As he mentioned in his "Ask Toontown" segment, he'll be strolling around ToonFest at points during the event so that you'll be able to meet him!

    New Ways to Earn Tokens
    We get it -- trampolines and cannons can be repetitive. This year we're introducing a brand new way to earn tokens that will keep you earning even after you leave the ToonFest Grounds! That means even if bouncing isn't your best bet, you can easily earn enough tokens to get some of those limited-time items.

    New Items and Activities
    Brand new token rewards are coming to ToonFest in addition to last year's items, as well as new minigames within the area! Just like last year, these items and activities will be introduced as the event goes on. Earn some tokens early to make sure you can get what you want from the Token Takers! Many of them are frequently-requested items that we couldn't help but release.

    Social Celebrations and Events
    Throughout the event and today especially, we want to hear how YOU celebrate Toontown by posting on social media with "#ToonFest".

    Meanwhile, we'll be highlighting some of our favorite memories, fanart, and other exclusive content on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,Toonblr, Google+, or Snapchat ("ToontownTV").

    It doesn't end there. As the event goes on, you may find us putting out some redeemable in-game codes that can only be found on our social media pages rather than here on the blog. All of us Toons are super connected within Toontown, and we want to stay connected with you outside of it!
    That wraps up everything we've got to tell you this morning, but stop by again at 2:00PM Toontown Time for the official beginning of the Toontown Species Election and the return of lovable Alec Tinn!

    We'll keep you posted on when to expect that ToonFest Tower to open up, but rest assured, we won't keep you waiting long.

    Once and for all, here's to THREE YEARS of Toontown Rewritten!
    You ARE Toon Enough!
  2. Mighty Crash

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    Sep 1, 2015
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    Riggy is actually showing his whole body in frame for the first time (excludng legs) but still I'm shocked :eek:
    Also btw where will the nominations take place?

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