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Toontown Stories Toontown Online: Webcomic Series Proposal

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by SyntheticCobaltX, Aug 3, 2019.

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    Apr 17, 2015
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    tt logo 2.png
    (Logo created by me using Adobe Photoshop CC)

    After 3 years, it is time I've returned to Toontown. For months now, I have plotted out and planned a webcomic series based on the storyline of Toontown Online and Toontown Rewritten, and today is the day I publicly propose it.

    Please read the information in the spoilers if you're interested in joining me (or us if people have already joined):

    In relation to Toontown Rewritten's plot, the series is set in an alternate reality to the game, well, sort of. On a day vastly distant from the present day we live in, when no one alive today is living and Toontown has expanded to an ultimate state, the timeline has been fully reset. It brought us back to the present day, where we are now, but with an entirely new reality in its place.

    What happens, basically, is that someday Doctor Surlee will take one last time-travelling journey to that day, reset the timeline, and rest from time travel for good, only doing experiments that don't threaten reality, often with his own previous self, Gyro Gearloose, who is unaware of his secret.

    Well, it seems the same, though: The cogs still threaten the town, many of the inhabitants of this new reality appear to be counterparts of the ones we know, and everything else that I didn't mention. There are differences, though, the most notable being that Doctor Surlee is now separate from his previous self, Gyro Gearloose.

    The series will be based on Toontown Online's storyline more than Toontown Rewritten's.
    Now, with the ARG stuff out of the way, it's time to get to the actual storyline.

    It was a little while earlier: The hype for the Toon Council Presidential Election was wild, pies were being thrown, and arguments over who will win were everywhere! Maybe that last bit wasn't very fun.

    Then, it was revealed: Flippy's rival, Slappy, won the election, much to everyone's surprise. As Slappy praised his rival and expressed his gratefulness to be president, an unfamiliar face arrived to give the president-elect some "positive re-enforcement". Slappy, without a word, frowned as he shrank away.

    As the hype and excitement for the election turned into panic and disorder over Slappy's disappearance, Flippy discovered, on accident, that cream pies can destroy these "Cogs" and persuaded the audience to grab some and fight the oncoming invasion. The long invasion ended with the Toons' victory and apparent defeat of the high-ranking Director of Ambush Marketing.

    Sometime after these traumatic events, Clover Petalberry finally managed to get her friend, Chip, out of bed and asked him if he saw what happened. When Chip said he didn't, Clover reacted with frustration; she knew Chip needed to get out more, and the two set out to gather a group of friends to fight the cogs and save their town.

    As a team, they call themselves the "Toon Fighters" (Still working on the name) - with Chip and Clover leading the group- the team, as of now, consists, of Daffodil Lemonhoffer - a periwinkle horse with a penchant for wisdom, Leroy Biggencrunch - a strong blue bear who's close with Chip, Mildew Zippenflip - a pig with genius-level intelligence, Hector Sourmouth - a duck who criticizes everything, Trixie Weaselbumper - an amber rabbit who's focused on the job, Flapjack Wildsnoop - a monkey who likes talking, and last, but not least, Lionel Sparklegadget - a nerdy little mouse.

    They work as a team and do anything to put an end to the influence of the Cogs.


    Chip's intended appearance. This is a concept made from a screenshot and not official artwork.

    The protagonist and the supposed leader of the group, although he leads with advice from other members due to his lack of common leadership skills. He was absent during Doomsday, and did not take the events seriously until he had to join Clover to form the group. Chip is an average-sized light brown dog. His attire includes a white/blue "19" shirt, sea green shorts with a green leaf pattern, a propeller hat, a backpack, and red hi-top sneakers. (Note: On the character's name, I forgot about Chip & Dale, but I decided to keep the name because I can't think of any other name that could fit him.)

    Clover Petalberry

    Clover's intended appearance. This is a concept made from a screenshot and not official artwork.

    Chip's friend who formed the group. She was frustrated when she found out that her friend had no idea that Doomsday took place and had to make him get out more. Even though she's the co-leader, she is more skilled in leadership than Chip is and often ends up making the group decisions. She is determined to defeat the cogs and return Toontown to normal. Clover is a cream cat whose attire includes a pink flower shirt, a purple skirt with a flower pattern, a pink ribbon, and red rain boots.

    Daffodil Lemonhoffer

    Daffodil's intended appearance. This is a concept made from a screenshot and not official artwork.

    One of the more assertive group members includes Daffodil. She knows what to do in many cases and is willing to work with anyone to achieve a goal. Daffodil's attire includes a yellow star shirt, purple denim shorts, blue rain boots and normal glasses.

    Leroy Biggencrunch

    Leroy's intended appearance. This is a concept made from a screenshot and not official artwork.

    A strong bear and one of Chip's friends. The two have known each other for quite a while. Leroy is a Toonfest Blue bear wearing a red/purple striped shirt, blue pants with pockets, and tinted glasses. (Color is subject to change)

    Mildew Zipperflip

    Mildew's intended appearance. This is a concept made from a screenshot and not official artwork.

    A pig who is a skilled hacker. His hacking skills include disrupting various types of Cog technology and short-circuiting cogs. Mildew is a light pink pig whose attire includes a pale red buttoned shirt with many pockets, red shorts that also have pockets, goggles that usually rest on his forehead, and black wingtip shoes.

    (Note: Following characters are underdeveloped and have short descriptions.)

    Hector Sourmouth

    Hector's intended appearance. This is a concept made from a screenshot and not official artwork.

    Hector is a critic who often gives his common critiques if his surroundings, or the way the other group members do things, are not completely accurate. His attire includes a bowler hat, a monocle, a golf outfit, and brown boots.

    Trixie Weaselbumper

    Trixie's intended appearance. This is a concept made from a screenshot and not official artwork.

    Trixie is focused on defeating the cogs more than anything else. She is an amber rabbit wearing a purple shirt with a pocket, and a green denim skirt.

    Flapjack Wildsnoop

    Flapjack's intended appearance. This is a concept made from a screenshot and not official artwork.

    A monkey with weird interests and often likes to talk. His attire includes a safari hat, a blue/yellow soccerball shirt, white swim trunks, and cowboy boots.

    Lionel Sparklegadget

    Lionel's intended appearance. This is a concept made from a screenshot and not official artwork.

    Lionel is a nerdy, bright red mouse who loves to cosplay. He wears square glasses, and a Supertoon costume.
    Team Positions:
    Artist (Unclaimed):
    • Must be proficient in art skills and not an amateur. The art should be very fair.
    • Must follow the proper Toontown art style.
    • Must be willing to make necessary changes to art if asked by me.
    • Coloring skills not necessary. This can be handled by someone else willing to do so.
    Writer (Unclaimed):
    • Good writing, that's all I really need. For addition information, ask me.
    Dialogue (Unclaimed):
    • Dialogue can be handled by the writer or me if no one wants to be in charge of writing the dialogue.
    Coloring (Unclaimed):
    • Position present if the artist doesn't have great coloring skills.
    • Must be skilled with proficient shading and lighting techniques.
    Producer (Claimed; open to more people in the role):
    • Comes up with additional ideas for the series. That's already my role, but, more people can be in this role if they want to.
    Q: What's the series called?
    A: It's literally just "Toontown Online", not a working title, it's final.

    Q: Why don't you just do all of this yourself?
    A: I can't do every single thing listed. I'm not a good artist at all, while I do have writing skills, my writing skills aren't the greatest and my grammar/punctuation is not absolutely perfect. I mean, yeah, the series could just be entirely text, like a novel or something, but that's not what I intend. I want there to be something to see - not just something to read. Toontown can't just be text, it's the Cogs who prefer only text!
    Q: Are you serious about this... webcomic thing? Seems like a lot.
    A: Yes. I'm serious, and nothing will stop me from making this a reality.
    Q: Will there be money?
    A: No.
    Q: You haven't played Toontown for three years.
    A: Well I'm back now, isn't that all what matters?
    Q: You haven't been active on forums until you posted this. How can we trust you?
    A: I have a history doing stuff like this. This is a legitimate proposal.
    Q: Any prerequisites before claiming a position?
    A: If I find you worthy for an art or coloring position, I'll test you heavily by asking you to create several illustrations without coloring if you want to be an artist, or asking you to color in a colorless image using a computer (not paper) if you want to be in charge of colors. It's not too much. I only want the best I can get.

    If you find interest after reading all information, please give comment. I would also like it if you spread the word.
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