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NEWS Toontown's SURPRISE Update

Discussion in 'TTR Posts' started by Miniapollo17, Jul 20, 2018.

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    Posted by Sir Max on July 20, 2018 at 6:00 PM

    SURPRISE! I bet you weren't expecting to hear from us so soon. After all, the most TOONTASTIC event of the year is only a few days away, and one would expect for us to save all of the excitement until then. But you'd expect WRONG! You must have forgotten my name: Sir Max: Master of Surprise. (Name Approval Pending)

    Okay, I lied about the name approval. The Toon Council rejected that name. ANOTHER SURPRISE! What's with all of the surprises, anyway? What even is this surprise? A birthday party? Winning the lottery? Jury duty?

    Lucky for you, this surprise is none of those things. Unless it's your birthday, in which case: SURPRISE!

    Alright, alright, they tell me I'm starting to use up my character limit here, so I'll cut to the chase: The Toon Troopers been working on several huge upcoming features for Toontown, which you can see announced LIVE next week. We realized, however: There's so much that we've completed, that we can't even fit it all into one show!

    That's where this surprise comes in. We have a great, big, immensely surprising update today -- the likes of which Toontown hasn't seen in months. There's so much, in fact, that writing all of it in blog post form would take an army of Sir Max's -- and we all know how that worked out last time.

    I've listed some of the highlights here for you, but you'll want to check out the notes at the bottom of the post for the full scoop on all of these changes.

    • Crocodiles and Deer are settled into town and getting more expressive! Special animations now have custom muzzles for these Toon species.

    • Added a new Fish Bingo mode: Blockout Bingo! We'll teach you the full scoop on how to play in our next blog post before Fish Bingo Wednesday.

    • A few troubles with Cog Battles have been fixed and re-balanced! For example, Gags of the same type against the same Cog will now either all hit, or all miss. See notes for the full list of battle changes.

    • Toontown's animations are beginning to get sillier! You'll notice tons of animation tweaks all around, as well as a newly redesigned animation: SURPRISE!
    Don't forget, this is just the stuff that we couldn't fit into our event next week. Stop by every day from July 26 - 29 to see what else is in store! Go ahead and check out the very long list of notes to see what other surprises are coming to this update. Ta-ta for now, Toontown!

    Note from the Toontown Team


    Last month, we were shocked to hear about the passing of a dear friend to many Toontown players, Michael. (Also known as "Kong" and "Random Toon.") We've created a special shirt to remember him, which will appear in the Cattlelog every year at the end of June. You can get it today by typing the code "thank-you-kong" into your Shticker Book.

    We are so proud of the Toontown Community for supporting his friends and family through this hard time!

    July 20, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.2.0]
    • “The Random Toon Shirt” has been added to the game in memory of Michael (Kong). For a limited time, you can get this shirt for free using the code “thank-you-kong” in your Shtickerbook.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Silly Saturdays, Fishing Bingo, Grand Prix and Trolley Tracks from starting on schedule.
    • Fixed a bug caused by Toons opening their Shticker Book while jumping.
    • Updated whitelist with new words and phrases for SpeedChat+ players.
    • Miscellaneous preparations for ToonFest at ReplayFX 2018.

    • The "Toontown Rerigged 2.0" project is complete! All Toon animation has been moved over to this new animation system and tweaked as needed, allowing for easier content creation and fixing a few bugs along the way. Now, about that Cog animation...
    • As a “surprise” to show off the capabilities of the new Toon rigs, we re-animated the “surprise” animation to be more accurate to original concept!
    • Added custom muzzles for the “Surprise”, “Cry”, “Delighted”, “Furious”, and “Laugh” animations on Crocodile and Deer Toons.
    • Removed rabbit teeth during rabbit muzzle changes to avoid clipping and improve appearance.
    • Made several improvements to Toon LOD models.
    • Cleaned up various sets of animation that had an incorrect number of frames.
    • Fixed a longstanding bug that caused Toons to jump forward while swimming.
    • Fixed various situations where Toon legs would clip through shorts and skirts.
    • Tall Toons, rejoice! You can squash AND stretch in style once more!
    • Many, many more animation tweaks -- far too many to list here! If you spot a Toon animation that doesn’t make you bust out a smile, let us know so we can make it better.

    • Players who type a Pick-a-Name pattern of the opposite gender will now have their name automatically approved, just like typing a Pick-a-Name pattern of the same gender. This will allow some names that have been previously restricted to NPCs to now be available for everyone.

    • Cog Attacks which were previously silent now feature new sound effects. We experimented for a while to ensure that all sounds have the proper Toontown feel, so let us know what you think about the new sounds!
    • Fixed an issue that caused Toons saved by a Toon-Up unite during battle to lose their gags.
    • Gags of the same type against the same Cog will now either all miss or all hit in that round. This change does not impact the chances of a Gag track hitting one Cog and the same track missing another Cog.
    • Luring a Cog will no longer decrease accuracy of Lure gags towards a Cog of a lower level in a later round.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Doodles from getting XP credit for a successful trick in battle.
    • Fixed a bug causing incorrect calculation of "organic" and "knockback" gag damage.

    Cog HQs
    • Added a visual alert to notify you when the V.P. or C.J. is about to jump. This change is designed for players who are audibly impaired or prefer to play with sounds disabled. If you would like to disable this feature when sound effects are on, set "sound-accessibility" to false in your settings.json file. We are working to make Toontown a more accessible game for all players. Please send us your suggestions!
    • Added an alert if someone tries to add you to a boss battle Boarding Group but you aren’t ready for a promotion.
    • The safes in the C.F.O. battle will no longer fall through the back wall of the vault while they are on the crane magnet.
    • Fixed a bug that causes Toons to gain more than the usual amount of Merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices and Stock Options if a Toon in the same group disconnects in a cog facility.

    • Added the long-awaited Blockout Bingo game mode to the Fish Bingo rotation! At the top of each hour, every fishing pond in Toontown will be in competition to fill the board first for a massive Jellybean prize. Grab your rods and game on during Fish Bingo Wednesdays and Silly Saturdays!

    • Corrected an issue with mailboxes where confirmation notices would disappear instantly.
    • Fixed a district reset related to Doodles.

    • More times will now appear on the Goofy Speedway Leaderboard.
    • Fixed a bug causing daily and weekly leaderboard times to remain longer than they were supposed to.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented refunds of deposited tickets on Grand Prix Monday in some cases.

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