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TTR VP Shop Clan

Discussion in 'Groups & Clans Archive' started by cherry, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. cherry

    cherry Elite Toon

    Dec 15, 2013
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    (NOTE: Obviously at this given time, this clan is in the preliminary planning stages - after all the VP isn't even in Alpha yet! However, I'm opening this clan as a placeholder but also to encourage discussion.)

    Welcome to the TTR VP SOS shop! This clan will try to bring back the spirit of SOS shops back from Toontwon, specifically for TTR forums and Toonbook. In case you're not familiar, the goal is to try and get good SOS cards out of the VP. If the SOS toon is not good, we run away and leave them in the cruel hands of the VP (so much for Toons helping one another). But if they're good, we will stay and do the VP run!​

    List of Toons we shop for:
    In the past, the "sacred eight" were the ones shopped for. They include the following:

    Lil Oldman (5 star lure)
    Flippy (5 star toonup)
    Professor Pete (Restock all)
    Moe Zart (5 star sound)
    Clerk Clara (5 star trap)
    Barnacle Bessie (5 star drop)
    Franz Neckvein (4 star drop)
    Melody Wavers (Restock sound)

    However, if TTR has a capacity to keep 16 SOS toons, we will probably consider staying for extra toons! Right now the remaining 8 is not an official list and subject to change - I am very happy for your feedback. Here's my personal list of extra eight SOS toons for now. I included all star Toon Ups because like Doodles and Unites, they are one of the few tools you can use to toon yourself up in a battle. They will no doubt be helpful in solos, as well as for Toon-upless toons (and even toons with Toonup!).

    Madam Chuckle (3 star toonup)
    Daffy Don (4 star toonup)
    Soggy Bottom (Toons hit)
    Soggy Nell (Toons hit)
    Sticky Lou (toons hit)
    Flim Flam (cogs miss)
    Julius Wheezer (cogs miss)
    Mr Freeze (cogs miss)

    Leaving the VP without being greened:
    Currently under construction!
    NOTE: In Toontown, the way to do this on Windows was to open Task Manager, go to processes and terminate Toontown from there. I do not know if TTR will work under the same mechanism. TTR might even get rid of the auto-greening mechanism, but right now it is too early to tell. In case the original escape method does not work, we will just have to exit during the short break in the VP after the initial cog battle.


    1. WE DO NOT TOLERATE GREENING OR ANY FORMS OF BULLYING. The only time I will accept greening is if you have unwittingly boarded on a purposeful greener who is putting your team at risk, so ONLY do it if it is to SAVE YOUR OWN TEAM. However by this I don't mean someone who accidentally chooses a wrong gag once - we all make mistakes here and we are not going to act like elitists. Any bullies WILL BE REPORTED.

    2. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PLACE AS TRAINING GROUNDS! You don't need to be maxxed out at all, and if training is a secondary aim of yours then good for you. But we're here to defeat the VP as quick as possible with everyone winning, not accommodate you trying to get that banana peel upgraded to a rake!!! Besides, there are other clans for training. Putting the team at risk to train your weak gags WILL be considered a form of bullying and also reported.

    3. You do not need to be a level 50 Hollywood - every suit is welcome! However, level 50 Hollywoods can immediately VP again and I may create a sub-clan for maxxed suits who want to shop around the clock.

    4. You can be ANY laff with ANY gag experience. Ubers and even complete newbies are welcome!

    5.HOWEVER, you come at your own discretion if you are not experienced fighting the VP with low experience points and accept the risks of going sad at your own expense. The team will obviously try to preserve your laff as much as possible, but this may be impossible if you are only at 15 laff and a cog hits you with a nasty attack. It will be especially impossible if you are the one putting yourself at risk by using weak gags on lured cogs and not playing it right. Nobody is obliged to use a unite or SOS or level 7 gag to save you.

    6. That being said, if you are with a low laffer then it is your duty to protect them as much as possible. Adopt the "Lure left hit right cog" strategy if this is the case. You are of course welcome to use SOS/Unites/Red slips/Level 7 gags to save your fellow toons but ideally this can be avoided with good teamwork and strategy.

    7. Don't discriminate against low laff/experience Toons and don't try to replicate shuffling with the boarding group system.

    8. HOWEVER, try to keep the groups balanced! If there are, for instance, 6 low laff & gag toons and only 2 strong toons when in the waiting room there are more strong toons, then do the obvious thing and try to balance it out and make sure there are enough strong toons to look after the little toons. The VP can sometimes very unfairly split the group causing one side to be all low laffers without lure toonup etc, and that would be very horrible. In this case, you might want to make sure at least 5 of 8 toons in the boarding group have good gags. The group is welcome to refuse boarding if they feel their team is not strong enough, though I do encourage you have faith in your fellow friends and judge on gags more than laff.

    9. Relax, because remember it is just a game and we are here to have fun!

    Time and districts:
    None yet! Check this space once TTR is released and I have a toon of decent calibre.

    (PS. I'm also considering opening a CFO Unite shop, but I will open that in due course when TTR makes more progress. I think opening one clan at a very early stage is enough for now!)
    (Also I don't plan to be the only one running this - I just wanted to make sure that shops continue to be used in TTR. Any help is very welcome!)
  2. ElizaKay92

    ElizaKay92 Hall of Fame Hall of Fame TTR Beta Tester

    Nov 3, 2013
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    Idk if you know this or not, or want this, but for a mac you can leave by:
    Opening Acivity Monitor, select ToonTown, click Quit Process, and then click Force Quit.

    That would allow you to leave without going sad in old ToonTown.
  3. cherry

    cherry Elite Toon

    Dec 15, 2013
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    Thanks! I don't own a Mac so I didn't know. I'll update it in due course when we find out if this still allows exiting the VP without going sad.
  4. King houndar

    King houndar Gag Trainer

    Dec 11, 2014
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    May I join this clan
  5. Terranort

    Terranort Elite Toon KTTA TTR Beta Tester

    Apr 16, 2014
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    This thread has not been responded to for over a year; might as well be shut down.

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