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VP and Factories

Discussion in 'Sellbot HQ' started by Bottom Text, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Bottom Text

    Bottom Text Gag Trainer

    Feb 27, 2017
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    Having a 2 track uber, I find SBHQ rediculous, due to the amount of greeners (yes, it's intentional at times) and the amount of players willing to take you, mostly in factories. While this isn't my first uber, I find this to be particularly annoying.

    Factories - hardly anyone takes me, even with my main over the simple fact I'm a soundless 2 track. The majority of the time if I need a factory, even with my main, getting a single invite can range from 20-40 minutes, and at that point I just duo with my main. Taking 1 toon without sound isn't that big of a deal considering the fact that the majority of cogs are level 6 or lower. If it were a bullion or back and I were soundless, that'd be understandable, but it's just a factory. On multiple instances I've even been kicked by leaders with lv 1-3 sound purely for being soundless, which is completely unreasonable.

    The VP however, is a different story. I understand how easy it is to go sad and all but most the time laff isn't the issue, because I've been greened even before having a chance to do anything. To me, having 3 people pass (when my main isn't on my side) would be considered greening. While I'm not expecting them to carry me I'd at least appreciate them using a gag, even if it isn't helpful. And it doesn't stop there. At times people take it upon themselves to green my main as well, simply for multitooning with a 2 track uber.

    From what I've noticed, the majority of higher toons in SBHQ are uptight about ubers, and its actually the lower toons who care to help, even when they can't. These are the toons that deserved to be helped, not the ones who are uptight and not willing to help others. Even if you can just "report and ignore" it doesn't change the fact action is hardly taken against greeners and constant greening doesn't make things more difficult than need be. To be fair I know this doesn't only happen to me because I run with lower toons a lot as well as ubers and one thing I've noticed is the hostility and things people say after an uber goes sad.

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